Your InterActual Software Reports No Decoder Found
Article #: 0006
Article Date:  09/19/2001
Author: Steve Z.
Your InterActual Software Reports No Decoder Found
If you have not played DVD movies on your system and a DVD Player is not located under the Start | Programs menu, chances are a DVD decoder is not installed. Please contact your computer manufacturer in order to determine if a DVD Decoder was to have been installed on your system, as well as where and how to access the player.

If your system has no DVD software installed, you will need to install a DVD decoder, otherwise DVD Video movies will not play.

Please note that InterActual Player may report a "No DVD Decoder Found" error if your system does not have at least DirectX 8.1 or higher installed. Click here to go to the Microsoft website and download the latest version of DirectX.

InterActual recommends downloading the following DVD player:

This decoder has been regularly tested with InterActual features and should support all playback functions within our software.

Here are some suggestions for checking to see if you have a DVD player installed:

  • If you have a Gateway Solo, please look for DVDPlay, under the Start | Programs menu. This decoder does not support playback in the InterActual software, so you will need to use the DVDPlay software to view DVD's.
  • If you have a Sony Vaio, try looking for Media Bar under the Start | Programs menu. There should be a "DVD Player" option under this location.
  • If you have an IBM, HP, or Compaq computer, you may have an InterVideo WinDVD, Mediamatics DVD Express or Compaq DVD Express decoder, located under the Start | Programs menu. It is necessary to run a movie in this software at least once in order to set the region code and complete the setup of the software.

What is a DVD decoder?

A DVD decoder is required in order to play DVD video on a computer system. A decoder performs three basic functions:

  1. It unlocks the CSS copy protection applied to the video files on a DVD movie disc;
  2. It decodes the MPEG2 formatting applied to video content;
  3. It displays the video through a viewer program installed in Windows.

While viewer programs are easy to create and release, and are generally available at no charge (including our own PCFriendly and InterActual Player 2.0 software), developing and certifying a DVD decoder requires that additional licensing and royalty fees be paid to the various patentholders of DVD technology. This is why DVD decoders are not available as "free" software.

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