Playback Has Failed Due To An Error With The Audio Subsystem
Article #: 0112
Article Date:  12/12/2001
Author: Steve Z.
You receive an "Audio Subsystem" error in InterActual Player when you attempt to play the disc.
If you encounter an error in the Audio Subsystem when trying to play a DVD in InterActual Player, this usually means that there is an audio component of your system that is needed by InterActual Player, but is not available. Please make sure that any media programs that could use sound resources in your system are shut down. Examples include RealJukebox™, Music Match Jukebox™, or WinAmp. If any of these programs are running in the background, please make sure they are shut down, and try the DVD playback in InterActual Player again.

DVD playback in InterActual software usually uses the DirectSound components of your computer, which are installed with the DirectX set of drivers provided by Microsoft. If you continue to encounter the error, this may mean that DirectSound is not working properly on this system. Problems with DirectSound will most likely affect any program that depends on it, including some audio programs and many games. It may be necessary to upgrade or reinstall DirectX on your computer, as well as upgrading or reinstalling the drivers for your sound hardware as a potential solution to the issue. Please contact your computer manufacturer for help in doing this if you are not sure how to do it.

If nothing else works, this may simply be an installation problem with the DVD playback software provided on your computer, which is causing audio components to not be accessible. You may be able to resolve it by uninstalling and reinstalling this DVD playback software, using the software discs provided by the computer manufacturer. After doing this, try the DVD in the InterActual software again.

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